世界の冷凍調理済み食品市場 2023


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The global frozen-cooked ready meals market is anticipated to expand at a healthy compound annual growth rate of 3.8% between 2023 と 2029. The market size is projected to increase from its current valuation to an estimated $72.92 million by the end of the forecast period.

Frozen-cooked ready meals are pre-prepared, packaged, and frozen to enable consumers quick access to completely cooked food with minimal preparation needed. Several factors are contributing to the rising demand for these products. Rapid urbanization, increasingly busy lifestyles, greater disposable incomes, and the desire for convenient pre-cooked options are propelling market growth.

The market has also evolved toward more gourmet frozen meal varieties, with artisanal pizzas and dumplings gaining popularity. Consumers are attracted by benefits such as longer shelf lives, affordable pricing, and innovative new product introductions.

There is a growing preference for vegetarian and vegan alternatives worldwide due to expanding consumer bases. This presents another driver, with more producers responding to rising demand.


The market is segmented based on various factors, including product type, 流通経路, そして地理.

Segmentation by Product Type
Vegetarian Meals
Non-Vegetarian MealsChicken Meals, Beef Meals, Other Non-Vegetarian Meals

Convenience Stores
Online Retailers

Segmentation by Geography
北米 – アメリカ, カナダ, メキシコ, and Rest of North America
ヨーロッパ – イギリス, ドイツ, フランス, イタリア, スペイン, ロシア, およびその他のヨーロッパ
アジア太平洋地域 – 中国, 日本, インド, オーストラリア, およびその他のアジア太平洋地域
ラテンアメリカ – ブラジル, アルゼンチン, およびその他のラテンアメリカ諸国
中東とアフリカ – サウジアラビア, 南アフリカ, およびその他の中東およびアフリカ

Currently, the non-vegetarian meals segment dominates the global frozen-cooked ready meals market. しかし, the vegetarian meals segment is anticipated to expand most rapidly between 2023-2029, driven by growing consumer bases for veganism and vegetarian diets worldwide.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets remain the primary sales channels for these frozen products. Rising demand for convenient and instant foods corresponds with changing socioeconomic patterns, greater expenditures on nourishment, and heightened awareness of healthy diet options. Younger consumers especially seek nutritious and easy-to-prepare meals to accommodate busy schedules.

Technological progressions have also diversified available frozen meal formats. Manufacturers focus on innovations in formulation to enhance shelf stability and longevity. These items cater to the developing preference for smaller, more frequent feedings.

Currently, North America represents the leading regional market. It is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% through 2029. High earnings, busy daily routines, and sizeable working demographics in countries like the United States contribute to consumption.

North American shoppers value attributes such as convenience, nutrient preservation, and extended shelf life that frozen variations offer. They also increasingly opt for innovative, health-conscious selections made using natural and organic components. Certain cuisines including Asian and Mediterranean styles provide enticing plant-based selections with fewer additives. Consumers exhibit willingness to pay premium prices for higher quality frozen ready-to-eat meals. Sales of frozen foods rose considerably in the US in 2022. さらに, various brands specialize in African-inspired frozen meals.


The frozen-cooked ready meals market is highly competitive, with international, regional, and local players. Prominent companies include Campbell Soup Company, コナグラブランズ株式会社, Tyson Foods Inc., Nomad Foods, and Ajinomoto Co. 株式会社. These companies employ expansion strategies such as mergers, 買収, partnerships, and new product development to enhance their brand visibility. They focus on developing a global business with a localized approach, establishing production and sales networks tailored to local needs. Product innovation and strategic mergers and acquisitions are pursued to expand market reach and attract a larger customer base. Key companies profiled in this report include Ajinomoto Co. 株式会社, Amy’s Kitchen Inc., Campbell Soup Company, コナグラブランズ株式会社, Ebro Foods S.A., ゼネラル・ミルズ社, HelloFresh SE, Hormel Foods Corporation, マース・インコーポレーテッド, Nestlé S.A., The Kraft Heinz Company.


Conagra Brands introduced new products in June 2022 that cater to summer culinary preferences. These products incorporate trendy ingredients and can be prepared conveniently using various cooking methods.

Hormel Foods partnered with Crisp and Google Cloud to improve sales and supply chain data visibility in December 2022. This collaboration aims to enhance business performance for Hormel Foodsretail customers.

Ajinomoto Foods expanded its partnership with Information Resources, 株式会社. (IRI) in August 2022 to address product shortages and competitive concerns. They implemented IRI’s Daily Out-Of-Stock (OOS) Benchmarking tool to manage retailer expectations during low inventory instances.


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世界の冷凍調理済み食品市場 2023

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製品の種類, 流通経路, 地理




Ajinomoto Co. 株式会社, Amy's Kitchen Inc., Campbell Soup Company, コナグラブランズ株式会社, Ebro Foods S.A., ゼネラル・ミルズ社, HelloFresh SE, Hormel Foods Corporation, マース・インコーポレーテッド, Nestlé S.A., The Kraft Heinz Company

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