Global Metallocene Polypropylene (mPP) Market 2024


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Metallocene polypropylene (mPP) represents a category of polypropylene polymer synthesized using metallocene catalysts, a class of organometallic compounds. This pioneering polymerization technology affords precise manipulation of the molecular structure of polypropylene, yielding distinctive properties and superior performance compared to conventional polypropylene resins.

The global metallocene polypropylene market is poised to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) exceeding 4.3% during the forecast period 2024-2030, with an incremental growth projected at USD 184.1 million. mPP finds extensive application in the manufacturing of packaging films for food, consumer goods, and various industrial uses. Its remarkable mechanical attributes, optical clarity, and sealability render it ideal for applications such as stretch films, shrink films, and barrier films.

Moreover, mPP is extensively employed in injection molding processes for fabricating an array of products, including automotive components, household appliances, and consumer goods. Its notable attributes such as high stiffness, impact resistance, and dimensional stability make it a preferred material for both structural and functional components.

Additionally, mPP finds application in the production of nonwoven fabrics utilized in hygiene products, filtration media, and diverse industrial applications. Its uniformity, strength, and soft texture make it highly suitable for applications demanding high-performance nonwovens with consistent properties.

Furthermore, mPP serves a vital role in the manufacturing of medical devices, surgical instruments, and healthcare packaging due to its biocompatibility, sterilizability, and chemical resistance.

This comprehensive industry report delivers market estimates and forecasts, complemented by an exhaustive examination of product, application, and regional dynamics. It offers a quantitative analysis of the market landscape, empowering stakeholders to capitalize on existing market opportunities. Additionally, the report identifies key segments for potential growth avenues and strategies, drawing insights from market trends and the competitive strategies adopted by industry frontrunners.

The global mPP market has been extensively analyzed by categorizing it according to various sub-segments in order to provide accurate forecasts of industry size and assess trends within specific areas.
The global market for mPP can be segmented by product: fiber and nonwoven, film and sheet, injection molding.
MPP market is further segmented by application: automotive, consumer and industrial packaging, food packaging, medical, others.
Based on region, the mPP market is segmented into: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America.

The report includes an analysis of prominent industry players and comprehensive company profiles, encompassing entities such as China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), Clariant AG, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Japan Polypropylene Corporation, LG Chem Ltd., LyondellBasell Industries N.V., Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., PetroChina Company Limited, TotalEnergies SE, Yueyang Xingchang Petro-Chemical Co., Ltd., among others. Through this report, a thorough examination of key players and their strategic approaches is conducted to elucidate the competitive landscape of the market.

In response to the increasing demand for mPP across various industries worldwide, some industry participants are exploring the feasibility of expanding production capacity. For example, Japan Polypropylene (owned 65% by Japan Polychem and 35% by JNC Petrochemical) has announced its intention to enlarge its mPP production capacity. The company’s mPP products primarily contribute to lightweighting food packaging containers in foam applications. However, there has been a recent surge in demand for lightweight alternatives to metals, with applications expanding to include items such as interior door trim panels in automobiles.

Japan Polypropylene plans to revamp its existing Mizushima plant facilities by the end of the fiscal year 2025 and is considering mPP production at other facilities. Additionally, in China, a wave of domestic substitution, coupled with robust government support for the development of high-end polyolefin industries in recent years, has led to technological breakthroughs by institutions such as Sinopec, HPC, Yangzi Petrochemical, and Yanshan Petrochemical since 2014, resulting in the introduction of mPP products. The mPP sector in China is poised for technological breakthroughs, which may help alleviate the high dependence on imports.

On November 30, 2023, construction officially commenced on the main project of Jintang New Materials, with a total investment of 76 billion yuan by Rongsheng Holdings Group. The project encompasses facilities for over 1.3 million tons/year of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), 700,000 tons/year of polyolefin elastomers (POE), 50,000 tons/year of cyclic olefin copolymers (COC/COP), 950,000 tons/year of alpha-olefins, 450,000 tons/year of metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (m-LLDPE), and 500,000 tons/year of metallocene polypropylene (mPP).

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Market Segments Covered in Global mPP Industry Analysis:
i.) Product
– Fiber and nonwoven
– Film and sheet
– Injection molding

ii.) Application
– Automotive
– Consumer and industrial packaging
– Food packaging
– Medical
– Others

iii.) Region
– Asia-Pacific
– Europe
– North America
– Middle East and Africa (MEA)
– South America

Global Metallocene Polypropylene (mPP) Market 2024

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Global Metallocene Polypropylene (mPP) Market 2024 - Report Scope


Market Size (2023)

USD 614.2 Million

Base Year


Forecast Year


CAGR (2024-2030)




Segments By

Product, Application, Region

Regions Covered

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America

Key Players

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), Clariant AG, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., Japan Polypropylene Corporation, LG Chem Ltd., LyondellBasell Industries N.V., Mitsui Chemicals Inc., PetroChina Company Limited, TotalEnergies SE, Yueyang Xingchang Petro-Chemical Co. Ltd.

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