Global 2-Phenylphenol (OPP, CAS 90-43-7) Market 2024


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The global 2-phenylphenol market size is projected to grow by USD 23.5 million from 2024 to 2030, registering a CAGR of 4.1 percent, according to the latest market data. 2-Phenylphenol, also known as ortho-phenylphenol (OPP), is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C12H10O. It belongs to the class of aromatic organic compounds and consists of a phenyl group attached to each of the ortho positions of a phenol group. It exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and is commonly utilized as a preservative in various consumer and industrial products, including disinfectants, sanitizers, wood preservatives, and agricultural products. Its effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, and molds makes it valuable for extending the shelf life of products and protecting against microbial contamination.

This comprehensive industry report provides market estimates and forecasts, accompanied by a detailed examination of the application, and region aspects. It delivers a quantitative analysis of the market, empowering stakeholders to leverage existing market opportunities. Furthermore, the report identifies key segments for potential opportunities and strategies, drawing insights from market trends and the approaches of leading competitors.

The global 2-phenylphenol market has been extensively analyzed by categorizing it according to various sub-segments in order to provide accurate forecasts of industry size and assess trends within specific areas.
The global market for 2-phenylphenol can be segmented by application: disinfectants, dyes, flame retardants, preservatives, others.
2-phenylphenol market is further segmented by region: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America.

The report has also analyzed the competitive landscape of the global 2-phenylphenol market with some of the key players being Haimen Zhaofeng Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Weiming New Material Co., Ltd., Lanxess AG, SANKO Co., Ltd., Shandong Xingang Chemical Co., Ltd., Shouguang Weidong Chemical Co., Ltd., Sinochem Hebei Co., Ltd., Yancheng Huaye Pharmaceutical And Chemical Co., Ltd., among others. In this report, key players and their strategies are thoroughly analyzed to understand the competitive outlook of the market.

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Market Segments Covered in Global 2-Phenylphenol Industry Analysis:
i.) Application
– Disinfectants
– Dyes
– Flame retardants
– Preservatives
– Others

ii.) Region
– Asia-Pacific
– Europe
– North America
– Middle East and Africa (MEA)
– South America

Global 2-Phenylphenol (OPP, CAS 90-43-7) Market 2024

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Global 2-Phenylphenol (OPP, CAS 90-43-7) Market 2024 - Report Scope


Market Size (2023)

USD 82.7 Million

Base Year


Forecast Year


CAGR (2024-2030)




Segments By

Application, Region

Regions Covered

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America

Key Players

Haimen Zhaofeng Chemical Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Weiming New Material Co. Ltd., Lanxess AG, SANKO Co. Ltd., Shandong Xingang Chemical Co. Ltd., Shouguang Weidong Chemical Co. Ltd., Sinochem Hebei Co. Ltd., Yancheng Huaye Pharmaceutical And Chemical Co. Ltd.

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