Global Ionic Liquids Market


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An ionic liquid is a salt in which the ions are poorly coordinated, which results in these solvents being liquid below 100°C, or even at room temperature (room temperature ionic liquids, RTIL’s). Unlike molecular liquids, ILs exhibit many unique properties making them promising solvents for various industrial applications. Some of the physicochemical properties of ILs include high polarity, negligible volatility, high thermal stability, high ionic conductivity, low melting point, and structural designability. The global ionic liquids market is anticipated to increase by USD 16 百万まで 2028 平均年間成長率で 5.4 percent as per the latest report by Gen Consulting Company.

このレポートは、現在の世界市場シナリオに関する詳細な分析と洞察を提供します。, latest trends and drivers into global ionic liquids market. 市場規模などのさまざまな詳細について独自の洞察を提供します, 主要なトレンド, 競争環境, 成長率と市場セグメント. This study also provides an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the ionic liquids industry.

この業界レポートは、世界市場の市場推定と予測を提供します。, 続いてアプリケーションの詳細な分析, と地域. The global market for ionic liquids can be segmented by application: biotechnology, electrochemical devices, metal finishing, separation processes, solvents and catalysts, その他. The solvents and catalysts segment was the largest contributor to the global ionic liquids market in 2021. Ionic liquids market is further segmented by region: アジア太平洋地域, ヨーロッパ, 北米, 世界のその他の地域 (行). 研究によると, North America had the largest share in the global ionic liquids market.

electrochemical devices
metal finishing
separation processes
solvents and catalysts
– その他

– アジア太平洋地域
– ヨーロッパ
– 北米
– 世界のその他の地域 (行)

The report also provides analysis of the key companies of the industry and their detailed company profiles including BASF SE, IoLiTec-Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH, Koei Chemical Co., 株式会社, Proionic GmbH, ソルベイ S.A., Solvionic S.A., Strem Chemicals, 株式会社, Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited, とりわけ.

歴史的 & 予測期間
この調査レポートは、以下の各セグメントの分析を提供します。 2018 に 2028 検討中 2021 基準年となる.

To analyze and forecast the market size of the global ionic liquids market.
To classify and forecast the global ionic liquids market based on application, 領域.
To identify drivers and challenges for the global ionic liquids market.
– 合併などの競争展開を検討するため & 買収, 協定, コラボレーションとパートナーシップ, 等, in the global ionic liquids market.
To identify and analyze the profile of leading players operating in the global ionic liquids market.

Gain a reliable outlook of the global ionic liquids market forecasts from 2022 に 2028 シナリオ全体にわたって.
– 投資対象となる成長セグメントを特定する.
– 会社概要と市場データを通じて競合他社に先んじる.
– Excel 形式でのシナリオ全体の分析を容易にするための市場予測.
– 3ヶ月間の戦略コンサルティングとリサーチサポート.
– シングルユーザーライセンスに提供される印刷認証.

Global Ionic Liquids Market

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