Global Acetic Anhydride Market

Acetic anhydride, or ethanoic anhydride, is the chemical compound with the formula (CH3CO)2O. Commonly abbreviated Ac2O, it is the simplest isolable anhydride of a carboxylic acid and is widely used as a reagent in organic synthesis. According to market research study published by Gen Consulting Company, the global acetic anhydride market stood at around USD 1,546 million in 2021 and is projected to rise to a worth of USD 2,161 million by 2028 end, thereby garnering a CAGR of 4.9% during 2022-2028.

This industry report offers market estimates of the global market, followed by a detailed analysis of the application, and region. The global market data on acetic anhydride can be segmented by application: cellulose acetate, chemical intermediates, pharmaceuticals, others. Acetic anhydride market is further segmented by region: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Rest of the World (RoW).

The global acetic anhydride market is highly competitive. The leading players in the tunnel boring machine (tbm) market include Anhui Wanwei Group Co. Ltd., Celanese Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, Daicel Corporation, Eastman Chemical Company, Henan Zhonghong Pharmaceutical Catalytic Technology Co. Ltd., Huzhou Tongbao Fine Chemical Co. Ltd., Ineos Group Ltd., IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Jiangsu Danhua Group Co. Ltd., Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd., Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, Kaifeng Ronghua Chemical Co. Ltd., Lonza Group AG, Nantong Cellulose Fibers Co. Ltd., Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co. Ltd., Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, Wanglong Tech Co. Ltd., Yankuang Lunan Chemical Co. Ltd.

The data-centric report focuses on market trends, status and outlook for segments. With comprehensive market assessment across the major geographies, the report is a valuable asset for the existing players, new entrants and the future investors.

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Global Acetic Anhydride Market

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Key Players

Hangzhou Kinsochem Pharma Co. Ltd., Lianyungang Leike Bio-chem Technology Co. Ltd., Wuwei Hailun New Material Technology Co. Ltd., Zheda Panaco Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd.

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